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Professional Teeth Whitening



With your wedding coming up you’re considering brighter whiter teeth to help give you the perfect wedding day smile. Geelong Dental Group offer Professional In-chair Teeth Whitening as a safe and quick way to refresh your smile. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures used to transform stained or discoloured teeth into a whiter smile. We do also offer a take home whitening kit, but its at a lower whitening percentage.


professional teeth whitening before and after


Can Anyone Get Whitening?

At Geelong Dental Group we recommend a thorough dental examination and a clean to determine whether you’re an appropriate candidate for whitening. After the check up and clean we can assess any Teeth or gum sensitivity, which is a common reason that may prevent the use of some products. 

Also Teeth Whitening is unsuitable if you have crowns or veneers that you want whitened as the peroxide doesn't penetrate the surface.


Our Two Step Process

At Geelong Dental Group we always perform our professional in-chair teeth whitening over two appointments at least 24 hours apart. The first appointment is a scale and clean and the second appointment is the actual whitening.

Ensuring your teeth have been professionally cleaned ensures the whitening product is not obstructed and absorbs into the tooth to provide the best results possible.


Professional In-Chair Whitening Vs DIY Home Kit

The whitening product that we use at the dentist is a stronger percentage bleach to achieve best results. With the DIY kits you can perform at home, they are a weaker percentage of whitening.

We do also sell take-home whitening kits with custom-made trays that looks like a thin mouthguard, which you place the whitening solution in.



At the Geelong Wedding Expo we are promoting our special offer of $360 for a Professional Teeth Whitening including full check up and clean. If you don't get to talk to us at the Expo, please call us on 5221 8452 and mention the Geelong Wedding Expo to book in.


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